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In our Unicash app, K-unity has now introduced a bank-to-Sacco feature. All you need is a Visa ATM card and our Unicash app. Card payment is the name of this process. Customers can use this payment option by providing a merchant with their card information using our mobile banking app (unicash). The steps to take while paying with a card are as follows:

1. Log in to your Unicash app using your credentials.

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2. From our Unicash app applications, select card payment application as shown in the following


3. As soon as the card payment application is launched, choose the beneficiary account, i.e. the account number associated with mobile banking, enter the payment amount, add a description or narration, enter your Unicash pin, and then click PROCEED as shown below.

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4. After clicking proceed, your application will pop up an Interswitch confirmation message
containing your email address and the amount you want to pay.

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5. In your application, you will be asked to enter your card details i.e. card number, card expiry month, year, and CVV number(You can find it on the back of your card). Kindly ensure you fill in the details correctly then click, pay kes (the amount you are paying) for example mine is kes 100.00.

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6. You will get a one-time passcode(OTP) in your phone through sms from the respective bank you are transacting with e.g. Cooperative bank, equity bank, etc as shown below:

image 4

7. Enter the one-time passcode(OTP) that you received from your bank and click submit as shown below.

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8. For your payment to be successful, your application will show you that your transaction is in a processing process as indicated below.

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9. Finally, you will get a notification message in your app showing that your transaction has been completed successfully as indicated below.

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Kindly note that this product needs a customer’s E-mail so that a transaction can go through. So if your transaction has failed, find out if you have updated your email on our system.

Second, the ATM card you’re using must be 3DS enabled; please contact your bank to have 3DS enabled on your card.

Lastly, the maximum amount you can transact in a day is Kes 300,000.

For more information, please call, text, or WhatsApp us at +254 707-424-774. If you do not have an account with K-unity SACCO, please click the following link to open an account with us: https://bit.ly/3WfIQ2F

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