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MAPA Insurance

Together We Grow

The risks and peril bearing upon businesses and organization are many and varied. MAPA INSURANCE AGENCY in partnership with CIC Ltd, Madison group, Britam, Geminia, Directline, UAP, Intraa Africa and Jubilee Insurance, provides maximum insurance protection to all our customers and general public in the case of loss of property or life.

Some of our products are listed below:

Personal Life

Domestic package

It’s a standard policy that gives benefits to the holder of six policies in one package. it includes buildings, house contents, domestic workers, all risks, owner’s liability and occupier’s liability.

Private Motor Policy

The policy covers the personal vehicles (saloon and station wagons) mainly for social pleasure and domestic purpose only.

Education plan

The policy covers the child (ren) education and upon the untimely death the funds are available for the insured.

Investment plan

The policy helps the insured to manage finances in a regular manner and avails money in installments at selected periods in the future. This will enable the insured to finance project of choice.

SME & Corporate Insurance

Fire and burglary

Fire policy covers property /material loss or damage caused by fire. Burglary policy covers business premises against the risk of loss or damage by burglary and house breaking only.

Commercial Motor Vehicle

The policy covers vehicles meant for transportation of goods.


The policy covers domestic workers upon any bodily injury or death arising from domestic work.

Group personal accidents (gpa)

The policy provides monetary payment on the insured upon sustaining a bodily injury as a result of an accident.

Micro Insurance

Health cover

  • MAPA in patient cover

In patient medical policy pays valid medical expenses arising from both illness and accident subject to cover limit.

  • MAPA out patient cover

Out patient medical policy pays the cost of valid outpatient medical expenses arising from both illness and accidents subject to cover limit.

Livestock insurance

The policy is designed to cover the livestock against death due to accidents or diseases surgical operations, natural calamities, earthquakes, strikes, riots, terrorism.

Family life cover

The policy is designed for the specific purpose of securing the welfare of dependants in the events of untimely death of breadwinner.


  1. How i do get a quote?

Call our call center on 066 2022816/0202047678 and your quote will be processed in 24 hrs and is valid for 30days.

  1. How do i pay?

We have two payment options m-pesa and bank account in any of the bank branches.

  1. Can i pay in installments?

Exactly! This is what is great about mapa you can pay your premium in an easy and flexible 3 month’s installments.

  1. How do i make a claim?

Our claim process is very simple call our call center on 066 2022260 / 0793255856