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Savings Products

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Akiba Savings Account

  • This account is open to all and operates like a current account.
  • Minimum operating balance of kshs.500
  • Minimum interest-bearing balance above kshs.20, 000
  • Free quarterly statements.
  • Affordable withdrawal charges.
  • You can access ATM card, Unicash, Paybill, Personal cheque, in house payment voucher
School Fees Account
  • No minimum operating balance.
  • Withdrawal is restricted to three times in a year at back to school periods.
  • No monthly ledger fees.
  • Three free bankers’ cheques per year to be given to account holders.
  • The parent or guardian can operate the account until the minor attains the age of majority.
Jijenge Deposits
  • This product can fit all our customers.
  • Minimum monthly deposit of kshs.300/-
  • No monthly ledger fees.
  • One qualifies for a of loan of 4 to 5 times the deposits saved in the account.
  • Proposed interest rate 7.5% p.a. to 9% p. a on the non -withdraw able fund
Benevolent Fund
  • No minimum operating balance.
  • 600shs Contribution per annum for one individual and 1,200 Shs for a couple per annum.
  • No monthly ledger fees.
Shirika Savings Account
  • This account is ideal for societies
  • The society management can apply for a personal cheque
  • The society is eligible to premium financing
Chama Savings
  • Minimum opening balance of kshs.2, 000/=
  • No monthly ledger
Watoto Account
  • This account will instill your child the culture of saving at an early age.
  • Low operating balance
  • No monthly ledger fees.
  • The account is withdrawable three times a year
  • Minimum interest bearing balance above kshs.20, 000
Boresha Account
  • This account is open to all and operates like a current account.
  • Minimum operating balance is kshs.2,000/=
  • No monthly ledger fees.
  • Free quarterly statements
  • The customer can apply for ATM card, Unicash, Personal Cheque, paybill
MFI Member Savings
  • MFI is suitable for chama members who would like to borrow as individuals.
  • Each group member can get a pass book.
  • No monthly ledger fees.
  • One qualifies for a loan 4times of the funds saved in the account.
  • Free financial literacy training once per year with certificates.
  • No monthly ledger fees.
  • Annual returns of up to 3% a
Imarisha Savings
  • This account is for entrepreneurs and salaried employees (Small Scale).
  • No monthly ledger fees.
  • ATM, Paybill and Unicash charges apply.
Holiday Savings
  • Are you a holiday lover?
  • The account is open to all customers
  • Minimum weekly savings kshs.250.
  • No monthly ledger fees.
  • Negotiated holiday packages.