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In a recent article by Nation newspaper, titled “K Unity Sacco Eyes Sh10 Billion in Asset Base“, the deposit-taking cooperative society K-Unity Sacco outlines its ambitious plan to expand its asset base from the current Sh6 billion to Sh10 billion within the next two years. This growth strategy hinges on attracting borrowers shifting from commercial banks and introducing innovative product offerings. Read the full article here

Flexible Lending Model Gaining Traction:

Simon Njenga, the CEO of K-Unity Sacco, shared insights into the success of their approach. Our Sacco’s flexible lending model, featuring interest rates ranging from 12 percent to 14 percent on a reducing balance, has resonated well with borrowers. This approach contrasts with commercial banks that have increased their loan interest rates due to the Central Bank of Kenya’s (CBK) decision to raise the benchmark lending rate from 9.5 percent to 10.5 percent. As a result, K Unity Sacco has witnessed an influx of new customers seeking more favorable lending terms.

Shifting Borrowers from Banks:

K-unity Kiambu building

The recent surge in interest rates by commercial banks has triggered adjustments in the local banking landscape. Many local banks have implemented rate increases of about 6 percent on top of the base rate. Consequently, some customers are now facing interest rates exceeding 18 percent after the review. Njenga highlighted that the repricing of loans by the Central Bank of Kenya has led to an influx of borrowers returning to Sacco and cooperative institutions like K-Unity.

Real Estate Focus and Diaspora Borrowers:

K-Unity Sacco is also strategically positioning its growth trajectory in the real estate sector. The Sacco aims to cater to diaspora borrowers who are interested in flexible financing options for residential and commercial property ventures. With over 500 diaspora clients already on board, K-Unity Sacco is tapping into the demand for housing and land, especially in satellite towns. The resurgence of the real estate sector post-Covid-19 further supports this strategy.

To accommodate this focus, K-Unity Sacco recently introduced a dedicated diaspora account, recognizing the substantial inflow of funds from the diaspora community into Kenya and the accompanying business opportunities. You can open an account here

A Legacy of Service:

Established in 1974 through the merger of Limuru Marketing Co-operative Union and Kiambu Dairy Marketing Union, K Unity Savings and Credit Co-operative Society, formerly known as Kiambu Unity Finance Cooperative Union Limited, has a storied history. It was formed to provide savings and credit facilities to dairy and pyrethrum societies in Kiambu. Currently boasting over 100,000 members and a loan book surpassing Sh4 billion, K-Unity Sacco operates across 16 branches in Nairobi, Kiambu, Nakuru, Narok, and Nyandarua counties. Its offerings span business, agriculture, and dairy loans, alongside small and medium loans tailored for self-employed individuals and salaried civil servants, particularly in urban and semi-urban areas.


As highlighted in the recent article by Nation newspaper, K Unity Sacco’s growth trajectory is underpinned by its innovative approach to lending and its strategic focus on the real estate sector. With a burgeoning diaspora clientele and a commitment to flexible financing, the Sacco aims to boost its asset base to Sh10 billion within the next two years. This article sheds light on the journey of K Unity Sacco and its endeavor to reshape the financial landscape in Kenya. To better your financial future with K-unity Sacco, you can easily open an account online here

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